Bodyschool is more than fitness training. Bodyschool is driven by Sarah Wallwork with the idea that health is a lifelong journey to VITALITY – through personal growth, learning, regular movement and connection with our community and place.

Through regular practise of these nourishing ideas and the support and encouragement of Sarah and the Bodyschool team we can connect more with our own bodies, nature and our community.

The emphasis is on consistently showing up for yourself with regular classes and movement, good nutrition, AND sleep and relaxation. At Bodyschool you can exercise outdoors in the stunning seaside environment of Fremantle!

All of this wrapped up with a giant dose of humanity, laughter and joy.


Bodyschool - Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Perhaps you want to get a group of friends together and choose a time to do a group workout! These classes are catered to the group needs and can be delivered at a time that suits you! You can tell us what you would like to work on and a program is delivered around YOU!

Bodyschool - Outdoor Group Training

Outdoor Group Training

Fun and varied whole body conditioning- either 1 hour or 45 minute classes. The classes ALWAYS start with a warm up and mobility work and include strength exercises using bodyweight and free weights. We also do cardiovascular conditioning that may include boxing, skipping, stepping and short runs.

This is a mixed levels class and alternate exercises are given to beginner members or people with injuries. No class is the same as it’s important to move the body in all different ways to stimulate muscle growth and improve fitness and flexibility. This is a class for men and women and teenage children are welcome. These classes are conducted at locations around Fremantle.

Bodyschool - 4 Week Intensive Program

4 Week Intensive Program

The Bodyschool favourite!!!  Three times per year nearly ALL the Bodyschool clients decide it’s time to CLEAN HOUSE! The program includes delicious plant-based recipes, a 4 week framework to support you as you quit sugar, alcohol, junk food and MOVE nearly everyday and come out the other side feeling like a NEW human being full of shiny skin and ENERGY!


$25 casual per any class
Small Group Training – ($25 per person)


$200 for 4 weeks – Unlimited classes

$160 for 4 weeks – Any two classes per week

Please be changed and ready 5 minutes before every class and if you are unable to attend contact Sarah 0400 203 639.


Monday 6am – Outdoor Group Training – South Beach (1 hour )

Monday 9:30am – Mumz and Kidz Class – Parmelia Park – South Fremantle ( 1 hour)

Tuesday 6am – South Beach – (45 mins )

Wednesday 6am – Outdoor Group Training – South Beach Basketball Courts

Thursday 9am – Beginners Class – Parmelia Park – South Fremantle (1 hour )

Thursday 6:15pm – (1 hour )

Friday 6am – Outdoor Group Training – Cardio Focus – South Beach  – (45 mins)

Bookings Made through the Mindbody App


Dick Lawrence Oval

138 Lefroy Rd, Beaconsfield WA 6162

South Beach

Basketball Court, South Fremantle 6162

Parmelia Park

South Fremantle, WA 6162

Sarah Wallwork

Meet Sarah

She has been qualified fitness training for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of women, men AND kids get fit and improve their health.

Sarah LOVES to cook delicious plant-based meals and share these recipes with her community. She loves running (especially on trails),  swimming in the ocean,  riding her bike and is learning to love burpees!!! Sarah is a natural coach and her energy and enthusiasm is real and inspiring.

Exercise is prescribed for almost every disease known in either a preventative or therapeutic way and Sarah is passionate about encouraging women and girls to prioritise their health and incorporate regular movement into their lives.

Sarah also understands that we need rest and relaxation from our busy lives and enjoys yoga, listening to music or walking the beach with her kelpie Shelby.

Bodystory - Bodyschool

Listen to my podcast

I take guests on a journey back through the story of their bodies. I explore childhood movement memories and track the stories tied to physical development. Puberty, sex, birth, and menopause all come into focus. Guests revisit the feelings and adventures of their bodies throughout their lives. There are the challenges of disease and grief, and stories of renewal, evolution, and joy. I shine a spotlight on the bodies of people identifying as women and their wonderful wild journeys.


Bodyschool has been a part of my life for a long time… I always make sure I fit it into my weekly routine. Time for me, my body and my mental health. Sarah’s knowledge, motivation, passion and humour has always makes classes interesting and fun.

As a woman in my mid 50’s, a regular exercise routine is so important. Sarah’s classes and fitness programs have given me great mind and body strength towards leading a balanced and happy life. I always feel supported by Sarah.