From Consummate Wild Girl to Early Riser Wild Woman

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I’m a 51-year-old Fremantle fitness trainer and health coach, deep in menopause and long-term marriage. My second child is about to finish school leaving a mirage of parental freedom.  I am the middle child of six and my mum has advanced dementia. I have two daughters who are incredible humans despite a healthy amount of parenting mistakes.

In my past life I dreamt of being a TV presenter and spent 5 years on a show called The Motor Show with the prime-time slot of Saturday 2 p.m. Following this I had the good sense to open a small business – a shoe shop no less. I rode a tsunami of stress for the next 10 years trying to navigate small business and parenting in my 30s. This failed and gave me the opportunity to sit and say to myself what do I LOVE. What could I work and share with passion and enthusiasm?

12 years ago, I launched my fitness training career. I have turned from owl to lark and welcomed the dawn in the freezing cold, more times than I can remember. I have spent over three hours a week with some people for over 10 years.

We have shared many climatic seasons and the seasons of life.  I have made a small business, a community, friends and witnessed the fascinating relationship we have with our bodies and health.

So, what is health?  It’s much more than diets and the gym. We need to start with the basics of regular movement, nutritious food and plenty of sleep and water but it’s so much more. Health is community and involvement. Health is better communication and improving relationships. Health is play, laughter and fun. Health is grief, depression and anxiety. Health is sharing what works and what doesn’t work. Health is discipline and process and genetics and luck.

Sometimes we are nailing it all and sometimes it feels like a big wrecking ball rolls into our life. It has taken me 51 years to realise we ALL struggle. This blog is about sharing the struggle and the tools that make life and health – that little bit easier.

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